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Where The Wild Things Are – Maurice Sendak

Title: Where The Wild Things Are

Author and Illustrator: Maurice Sendak

Genre: Children’s Book, Picture Book

Plot: Max causes mischief of a new sort one night. His parents ground him to his room. Once his room, Max’s room starts to disappear and a forest takes its place. Then he finds an ocean and a boat. Max sets sail. After his long voyage, what will Max find? Who are the creatures? Can Max ever return home?

Rating: 4.0 – a classic picture book

Opinion: This was a cute kid’s book. I remember reading this book growing up. I’ve read this book to the kids at the daycare and they love it, too. Sometimes they got to act what the characters and monsters did. Another teacher put on a play about the book. Everyone loved it. The kids really enjoyed everything about it. They loved acting it out and helping with decorations and costumes. It helped teach the kids about the lesson of the book. One of the lessons is listening. There’s a time for playing and a time for listening. Then again it’s a kid’s book. They the pictures and the silliness of the book. Overall, this is a great book. This is a classic book. It’s a must for any classroom.

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