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New is Fun, Too! – Ariel Leshchinsky

Title: New is Fun, Too!

Author: Ariel Leshchinsky

Illustrator: Jeremy Wells

Plot: Panda Ya and her family are moving far away from everything’s she known. Panda Ya is very nervous. Her parents talk to her about how life in her new town is different but also the same. Panda Ya starts to understand and accept her new life. That night her parents have some surprises for her. But what are they?

Rating: 4.5 – a cute story about moving with children

Opinion: This was a very cute book. It does a good job explaining how life can be different and the same in a new place. This is a great book for families moving with kids. It can help with their anxieties about the unknown with moving and that some things can stay the same. A kid brought this book in to the daycare where I work. Her mother wrote it. The kids loved it. They thought it was cute, too. They seemed to understand the general concept of moving. They loved the pictures and activities in the book. This is a great family book and great and I highly recommend this book.

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