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The Dot – Peter H. Reynolds

Title: The Dot

Author and Illustrator : Peter H. Reynolds

Genre: Children’s Book, Picture Book

Plot: It’s the end of art class and Vashti hasn’t created anything. Her teacher tries to encourage her, but Vashti’s unsure. Vashti doesn’t think she’s an artist. Her teacher suggests she starts by drawing a dot. When she’s done, Vashti’s teacher has her sign her work. Later, Vashti thinks she can do better. What will she create?

Rating: 4.3 – a cute story about being creative

Opinion: This was a cute story. The daycare I work at did a school wide lesson on this book. I really enjoyed it. It teaches kids that anyone can be creative even if they don’t think they are. This can also be a good lesson about the fact that there are different kinds of creativity. It’s also a great book to teach about self confidence. There are lots of things you can add on to this story. It’s a great addition to any classroom library.

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