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Legendborn Cycle 1 – Tracy Deonn

Book 2 is Bloodmarked

Title: Book 1 – Legendborn

Author: Tracy Deonn

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult

Plot: Bree Matthews has just arrived at her early enrollment program at the University of North Carolina with her good friend Alice. They sneak off campus to party. There, Bree sees something she shouldn’t, a magical creature attacking. Alice and Bree get in big trouble. Not long after, Bree sees another magical creature. Her new mentor Nick, attack the creature. Bree starts asking Nick about the creatures and she’s introduced to a secret world of Merlins, King Arthur, Arthur’s knights, and magic. Everyone in the group is a descendent of the knights of the round table, called Legendborns. Bree knows someone among the Legendborns knows something about her mother’s death. She convinces Nick to let her in so she can find out. But can Bree survive long enough to find out? Or will the creatures or someone darker get her first!

Rating: 4.3 – a great new telling of the knights of the round table

Opinion: This was a great story. I loved that the author took a known story and made it her own. It’s a different kind of magic, too. It was interesting that there are different kinds of magic in this book. They’re based on different people’s backgrounds and origins. Both are well developed and have different strengths and weaknesses depending on the person. The book talks a lot about grief and deals very well with it. Bree’s gone through a lot before the books starts and learns to let go while looking for answers. It’s not an easy process like in some books. It makes it seem more relatable that a character holds onto the person they’ve lost. They don’t wanna lose someone close to them. The one little thing I didn’t like was that there were a whole bunch of characters introduced at once. It made it harder to keep track of who was who. Overall, this was an amazing book. I loved it. I’d highly recommend this book for fantasy lovers.


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