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The Hidden Child – Louise Fien

Title: The Hidden Child

Author: Louise Fien

Genre: Historical Fiction

Plot: Edward and Eleanor Hamilton are part of the eugenics movement in the 1920’s in England. They believe that intelligence in inherited and those with disabilities, criminals, and those of the lower classes and different races are not as intelligent. Those who are classified as less intelligent should be put away and not be allowed to reproduce. But when Edward and Eleanor’s child, Mabel, develops epilepsy, they’re world is rocked. Standard treatment at the time isn’t helping Mabel. So she’s sent to an asylum and they’re treatment isn’t helping either. Eleanor’s thoughts on eugenics begins to change. She abandons the ideas to help Mabel get proper treatment. But Edward forbids any change in treatment for Mabel and is staunch in his beliefs with eugenics. Can anything be done to help Mabel? Will Edward see what his beliefs are doing to others?

Rating: 4.0 – an different side of history

Opinion: This was a great book. It pissed me off that people believed, and probably still do, the ‘facts’ of the eugenics movement. Which was probably the point of the book. I looked into that movement and learned that England’s eugenics movement helped give Hitler is ideas for his Third Reich. I was glad that Edward and Eleanor began to question their beliefs in the eugenics movement. It took some time but I’m glad that they saw that eugenics has flaws in it. This book helped me learn about a different part of history. I’m glad it did so I could see another point of view. This is a great book for anyone who loves historical fiction.


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