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Where the Crawdad Sing – Delia Owens

Title: Where the Crawdad Sing

Author: Delia Owens

Genre: Mystery

Plot: Kya has grown up in the swamps of North Carolina. The local townspeople of Barkley Cove call her the Marsh Girl, and trashy. Her mother left her family when she was young. Slowly her siblings left until it was only her and her father left. Even her father left one day. A neighbor, Mabel and Jumpin’, take pity on her and give her odd jobs in exchange for food, clothes, and gas. Then a man, Chase Andrews, turns up dead. Kya and her dated for some time. The town of Barkley Cove are quick to blame Kya. But did she do it? Or did someone else? What will the jury decide?

Rating: 4.3 – an interesting murder mystery

Opinion: This was an interesting book. Everyone I talked to loved it and highly recommended it. I thought I’d give it a try since there’s a movie coming out soon. This book was as good as everyone said. It had me hooked the whole time. I really thought the murder would be a certain character but was a little shocked when it was someone else. It took me back for a second. But when I thought about it more, it made total sense. I think you’re not supposed to think that though. Good plot point by the author. It’s been a while since I’ve read a really good book, and this was a really good book. I highly recommended this book for anyone looking for a great mystery.


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