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Piranesi – Susanna Clarke

Title: Piranesi

Author: Susanna Clarke

Genre: Fantasy

Plot: The Other calls me Piranesi, but I know that’s not my name. My job is to explore the halls of the house and write down what I’ve seen. For as long as I can remember I’ve been in this house by myself unless The Other comes to visit twice a week. Then someone else starts visiting. I’m not sure who they are but they’ve been leaving me hints. The Other says not to trust the new person. But then I found something that says otherwise. Then I find evidence of a flood that’s going to flood the house. Who can I trust? Can I save the house from the flood?

Rating: 3.3 – an interesting take on reality versus fantasy

Opinion: This was an okay book. While I enjoyed the idea and how the author used the journal style plot, for some reason I couldn’t get into the book. Maybe because I thought the book wouldn’t have ties to reality and be completely based in fantasy. While I did enjoy the mystery style of the book, it was a slow starting book. Maybe I don’t love the book because I felt like I couldn’t connect with Piranesi. It does give the reader some things to think about, fantasy versus reality and living in a fantasy world too long. While I can see why so many people enjoyed this book, it wasn’t one of my favorites. I recommend this book for anyone who loves a different style of fantasy versus reality books.


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