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White Shadow Trilogy – Paula Brackston & Trevor Brackston

Title: Book 1 – The Witch’s Knight

Authors: Paula Brackston, Trevor Brackston

Genre: Fantasy, Historical Fiction

Plot: Lady Gwen loves her people. When the Norman’s invade her Welsh town, she tries her best to protect them. It’s not enough for a lot of them. A village elder, Magmi, starts to tell Gwen of her unique heritage after the attack. Gwen learns she’s a witch and of her powers. On their way into town, her and her people meet a knight, known as Tudor. He offers her people protection. They sorely need it after a Norman lord wants to see Gwen dead. Tudor helps teach Gwen’s people how to defend themselves. One of Gwen’s guards was captured, then released. He shows his Norman captors they way to their hideout on the promise no one is hurt if he brings them Gwen. But he wishes to save them. Can he save them? Can Gwen and her people defend themselves? Can she and Tudor find a way to stay together?

Rhys Tudor is a former soldier turned bodyguard for a rich family’s kid. He helps the kid move into a hard to get into (even for a rich family) apartment. But a string of unusual murders has everyone on edge. Rhys’s charge’s family asks him to return home. When Rhys and his daughter are attacked, he brings her to the safety of the now empty apartment. Rhys thinks there’s a connection between the attacks and murders and looks into it. But is there a connection? Can Rhys keep everyone he loves safe? Of will whoever wants to harm him, kill him?

Rating: 4.3 – a fun blend of magic and historical fiction

Opinion: This was an interesting book. I like the idea of reincarnation and the book does a good take on it. I still love this author’s take on historical fiction, realistic fiction, and magic. This book kept me interested throughout the book. Everything was well paced. It’s a trilogy so not everything was explained fully. I wish one or two things in the first book were explained a little bit better. But I’ll have to wait until the next one comes out. No date has been announced yet. But I can’t wait until it comes out because the book it ended on a cliffhanger. Everything in the book did a good job leading up to the ending. Hopefully I’ll get the answers I need with the next two books.

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