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Daisy Darker – Alice Feeney

This is an early release book I got from Book of the Month. It’ll be available on August 30.

Title: Daisy Darker

Author: Alice Feeney

Genre: Thriller

Plot: Daisy Darker is the youngest of three girls. She was born with a heart defect. Her family thinks she’s broken because of it. Everyone except her grandma. Her parents divorced when Daisy was young and her family’s drifted apart. After many years of avoiding each other, they finally meet up for their grandma’s birthday at her island home. Slowly their old routines and fights return. At the stroke of midnight, someone turns up dead. Then someone else dies an hour later. With no escape, the Darker family is stuck on the island with a killer. Who could it be? Will anyone escape alive?

Rating: 4.5 – an exciting murder mystery

Opinion: This was a great book. I was curious about who did it the whole time. I had my suspicion about who did it but was caught by complete surprise and the twist at the end. I’m sure I could’ve seen part of it coming by the hints throughout the book but I wasn’t looking at those hints. I got caught up in different clues. It’s easy to see why each of the family members could’ve done it because of all the disfunction. This book keeps you interested through the whole thing and leaves lots of clues and misleads about who could’ve done it. I’d read this book again to see if I can find all the hints again. This is a great book for anyone who loves a good mystery.

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