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Guest Post – The Elephant Whisperer

Thank you Shannon of Happy Life Safari for this review.

Title: The Elephant Whisperer

Author: Lawrence Anthony

Genre: Biography / Animal Conservation

Plot: Telling his true story about how a herd of elephants changed his life, animal conservationist, Lawrence Anthony, was asked to take 9 elephants on his Zululand reserve “Thula Thula”. Due to the nature of these rogue elephants, Lawrence was the herds last chance of survival. With the turn of each page, you discover how wonderful these creatures are, and how through the work of Lawrence Anthony, how important animal conservation is.

Opinion: With the assistance of journalist Graeme Spence, this story is told in a way that makes you feel you are standing within the reserve and experiencing the elephant’s emotions with Lawrence Anthony. You cannot help but want to research this story further after you finish reading the last page. I am hoping to head to ‘Thula Thula’ in the next couple of years to see the herd and feel the magic I did throughout this story, and Lawrence Anthony’s other stories of animal rescue and conservation.


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