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Darling Girl – Liz Michalski

Title: Darling Girl

Author: Liz Michalski

Genre: Fantasy

Plot: Jane Darling is the granddaughter of Wendy Darling. The same Wendy who went to Neverland. In the present day, she’s the owner of a skincare company. Everything changes when she gets a call from her daughter, Eden, who’s been in a coma for 10 years. When Jane gets to Eden’s care home, Eden’s vanished. Now Jane’s got to find her, but not sure who she can trust. Trying to be discreet, Jane hires a private detective, Christopher Cooke, who turns out to have a hook for a hand. Jane’s trusts even others less when she sees signs of Peter Pan again. And he’s not as nice as the stories will tell you. Will Jane be able to find Eden in time? Can Christoper Cooke be trusted? Or will Peter Pan keep what he wants?

Rating: 3.5 – an interesting take on Peter Pan

Opinion: This was an interesting story. I’ve always liked the idea of Peter Pan as a kid. Now I see him as immature and bratty. This idea took Peter Pan as more of a bad guy, and as a bratty kid in a grown up body. It was interesting mystery because you can guess who did it, but the author gives minor clues at other characters to throw for a little bit but all of the clues still point to who really did it. The main thing was finding out where Eden was being hidden away. Overall, this was not a bad story, just kind of slow. There were some minor plots that didn’t really go anywhere but still got wrapped up at the end. I was also kind of hoping it be closer to the original story but it’s not. This is an interesting story for those who like Peter Pan.


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