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The Wilderwomen – Ruth Emmie Lang

Title: The Wilderwomen

Author: Ruth Emmie Lang

Genre: Fantasy, Realistic Fiction

Plot: Zadie and Finn’s mom went missing five years ago. Zadie was eighteen and started her own life. Finn was twelve and sent to foster care with a good family. Both girls had unique abilities. Zadie has premonitions and Finn has echos (she can see parts of other people’s memories.). At Finn’s graduation party, she has an echo of her mom. She tells Zadie and begs her to search for her instead of going on their planned beach trip. Zadie reluctantly agrees. As they travel, Finn becomes more absorbed in their mom’s memories. Each time she gets an echo, she loses more time and wanders into some sketchy situations. Is the risk worth finding their mom? Can their mom be doing? Does she want to be found? Is she even alive?

Rating: 3.5 – an interesting story

Opinion: This was an interesting book. I thought it would deal with more fantasy elements, but it stays in reality most of the time. The author kind of gives some of her characters ‘super powers’ but makes them seem like everyday quirks. It deals with some family issues and the author does a good job writing about them. The author does a good job staying neutral about the subjects. I like how the author describes the choices the characters make. This makes the characters very relatable. The pacing of the book was very steady. It kept my interest the whole way through. It’s an easier read which is good if you need a break. I recommend this book for anyone who loves realistic fiction.


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