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Veins of Gold – Charlie N. Holmberg

Title: Veins of Gold

Author: Charlie N. Holmberg

Genre: Historical Fiction, Fantasy

Plot: Gentry’s father has just left to mine gold in California. Now Gentry has to take care of her siblings, Rooster and Pearl, in the Utah territory. They have little money and few resources. Gentry doesn’t want to rely on their neighbor’s generosity for everything so she works hard to fix everything. Then she meets Winn. He’s more carefree and more importantly he knows about magic. Winn says that in order to work magic, you need to give the land gold. But the magic has a nature of it’s own and is angry with the miners for taking the gold. To calm the magic, Winn has to give back find more and more gold. Gentry wants to help, but also needs to help her family. Can Gentry do both? Or will she be forced to chose one or the other?

Rating: 4.0 – a different take on the gold rush

Opinion: This was an interesting story. I really enjoyed the blend of historical fiction and magic. I liked how the author explained the magic and how it tied to the land and the gold rush. This was a different kind of magic that was an exchange and it’s own entity. It was interesting point that magic was tied to the land and upset that man was destroying it. I liked how the book showed homestead life. Life wasn’t easy for them and the people were forced to make hard decisions. This book was an easier read, too. It was set at a good pace. I really enjoyed this book and recommend it for anyone who likes historical fiction with magic.


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