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Elements of Cadence 2 – Rebecca Ross

Book 1 is A River Enchanted

Title: Book 2 – A Fire Endless

Author: Rebecca Ross

Genre: Fantasy

Plot: It’s been some time since Adaira cross to the west side of the island of Cadence. She’s learning her role as the daughter of the laird. But it’s been hard on Jack, who’s been stuck in the east. He’s been trying to help keep the spirits happy, namely Bane (the king of the spirits). But when Bane starts to threaten the ways of life on both sides of the island, Jack and Adaira try to fix things. But spirits have their own way of helping. Sidra and Torin use the spirits for help. But will it be enough? Can the four of them help fix all that Bane is doing?

Rating: 4.0 a – a great end of the series

Opinion: This was a great book. I really enjoyed how the spirits and human world interacted more in this book. This one expanded on the magic and lore of the island more. I liked how the book expanded on character development of most of the characters instead of just focusing more on Jack. I was wondering if the author would continue with the book because I didn’t love how the other book ended. The other book wrapped up most things but left enough questions that made you wonder if there’d be another book. This book wrapped up everything nicely. I hope there’s not another book because everyone got their happy ending. This is a great book for anyone who loves fantasy about Scottish/Irish lore.


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