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Queen of Thieves – Beezy Marsh

Title: Queen of Thieves

Author: Beezy Marsh

Genre: Historical Fiction

Plot: Nell is down on her luck in post WW2 London. She got pregnant by a man who was sweet on her, Jimmy. Alice Diamond noticed and decides to take Nell under her wing. Alice is the leader of an all woman’s gang called the Fourth Thieves. The gang steals from high end stores. But when Nell’s first heist goes bad, Nell goes to jail. While in jail, Nell plots her revenge. Nell’s plan for revenge won’t be easy and will take time. Can Nell get her revenge? Or will her plan be foiled? Or will Alice find out and do something even worse?

Rating: 3 – an interesting historical fiction

Opinion: This was an interesting book, but it wasn’t one of my favorites. I enjoyed learning about post WW2 London and the lower classes during that time. But I did not like the writing style. It felt like the author was trying to combine modern writing style with 40’s slang. The plot was pretty slow for most of the book. The description of the book made it seem like there’d be more plotting or scheming. But there’s not. Some of the characters felt wishy-washy with what they wanted out of life. They didn’t seem to know what exactly they wanted to do. I wasn’t sure if that was the point to confuse the other characters or the author was unsure how the characters would react. Overall I thought the book had great history, just not a lot of plot, unsure characters, and not the best writing style. An interesting read for anyone who likes historical fiction.

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