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The Writing Retreat – Julia Bartz

Title: The Writing Retreat

Author: Julia Bartz

Genre: Thriller

Plot: Alex has had writer’s block for the past year. She blames it on a bad ending with a former friend, Wren. But when a mutual friend of Alex and Wren signs them both up for a writer’s retreat with their favorite author, Roza Vallo, neither of them can pass it up. But the stakes at the retreat are high. Alex, Wren, and four others must compete for an amazing publishing deal. In order of win, they must write 80,000 words and make it unique. While they are there, things get weird. Roza is fickle and almost rude one moment, then sweet the next. Who will win the contest? Can they everyone survive the retreat?

Rating: 4.0 – an interesting, creepy thriller

Opinion: This was an interesting book. I wasn’t expecting it to be kinda creepy, but it worked. It wasn’t a gross creepy, but an ‘oh (insert your word of choice) no’ kinda creepy. All the characters have some sort of flaw that make them unlikeable. It was a nice change. The ending was a little confusing, but it explained itself. It wasn’t the happiest of endings but it made sense for the book. Just an FYI, this book has some LBGTQ themes in it. The themes don’t bother me, but I just thought I’d say something. I recommend this book for anyone who loves thrillers.


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