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River Sing Me Home – Eleanor Shearer

Title: River Sing Me Home

Author: Eleanor Shearer

Genre: Historical Fiction

Plot: Rachel is a field hand slave on a plantation in Barbados. She and the other workers have been told they’re free but still have to work for their master. Rachel made the decision to run. She had children stolen from her and now has the opportunity to search for them. With help from some of the local people in nearby towns and islands, Rachel looks for her children. But are any of her children still alive? How will she find them? Will Rachel be caught? Does anyone truly want to help a runaway slave?

Rating: 4.0 – a good tale of family and resilience

Opinion: This was a good book. I enjoyed learning about slavery from another perspective. Most of the time, you read books from the plantation owner’s perspective. This time it was the slave’s. It was a nice change. It was sad to see what the people had to go through during those times. I’m glad that Rachel got to find her children with some difficulty but not too much. This was a slow and steady read. I had no real issues with the book. I enjoyed the history and relationships between the characters. I recommend this book for anyone who loves historical fiction.


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