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The Dream Gatherer – Kristin Britain

Part of the Green Rider Series Title: The Dream Gatherer Author: Kristin Britain Genre: Fantasy, Short Stories Plot: Estral tells two short stories about famous people in Sacoridia’s history. Then the story shifts to follow Estral. She’s journeying back to Selium (a city and a school in Sacoridia). She goes ahead of the group whileContinue reading “The Dream Gatherer – Kristin Britain”

Green Rider Series – Kristen Britain

Title: 1-Green Rider, 2-First Rider’s Call, 3-High King’s Tomb, 4-Blackveil, 5-Mirror Sight, 6-Firebrand Author: Kristen Britain Genre: Fantasy Plot: 1 (Green Rider): Karigan G’ladheon was running away from school. She was running for fear of punishment for fighting with another student. While in the middle of the Green Cloak Forest, she met dying F’rygan Cobblebay.Continue reading “Green Rider Series – Kristen Britain”