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Guest Book Reviews

Shannon of Happylife Safari recommends this book:

Daphne of Free at 50 recommends these books:

Books that others have read and wanted to review. Thank you for your reviews.

Mick of Good to You recommends this book:

Mick nash is a nonfiction writer who writes short stories, perspective pieces, and poems. Mick runs a site, Good To You. which features weekly content drops, mental health resources, 18+ confession line, guest posts, and more.

Jessica of Cedarbrook Musings recommends this book:

Jennifer of Mama Bookworm recommends this book:

Ella of Moving with Ella recommends this book:

Ella is a fitness, flexibility, and lifestyle blogger.

Amanda of The Holly Dog recommends this book:

Jess of Beauty in Humble Places recommends this book:

Join Jess over on her website to read about her journey through life dealing with mental health struggles and single parenthood, while still trying every day to find joy in the little things. 

Ali of Share to Inspire recommends this book:

Brenda of Ruby Hem Ministries recommends this book:

Annalise of Who Needs Sleep? recommends this book:

Macy of Macy Thoughts recommends this book:

About the blog’s author: Macy Lu a 19 year old writer in my second year at the University of California, Davis. She enjoys thinking deeply about a multitude of things, she loves creative writing, and she dislikesroutines. Her dream job after college is to be a novelist. Her dream job for life is to be a faithful follower of Jesus.

Oli of Adventures in Arabic recommends this book:

That Dad Stuff recommends these books:

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