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Young Adult

The Lost Book Series

A group of teenagers must learn to work together to find books that will save the world.

Jack the Ripper Series

A young lady who’s studying forensic science must help solve some murder mysteries.

The Learner’s Plight

Gabe learns how to overcome his fears.

Capturing the Devil

A good final book for the Stalking the Jack the Ripper series.

The Plastic Magician Series

Ceony learns the magic of Folding while dark magicians look for her.

The Red Queen’s Daughter

Mary Seymour works as a lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth

Becoming the Dark Prince

A short story that’s part of the Stalking Jack the Ripper series.

The Outlands

Jett and his friends try to save each other from the oppressive Patriarch.

Divergent Trilogy

Tris Prior must survive in her faction filled city.

Miss Peregrine’s Home Series

Jacob and his peculiar friends must save Peculiardome.

The Zealots

Yeshua and Shi’mon navigate through Roman occupied Israel.

Spellbreaker Series

Elsie and Mr. Kelsey search for a fellow magician killing other magicians.

The Keeper of Night

Ren tries to find acceptance in the world of Reapers and Shinigami.

Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet

Marie must escape her master while trying to remember who she really is.


Kaikeyi learns how protect her family with magic, knowledge, and skill.

The Stardust Thief

A thief, a jinn, and a prince must work together to find a priceless relic.

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