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The Magicians Lie – Greer Macallister

Title: The Magician’s Lie

Author: Greer Macallister

Genre: Historical Fiction

Plot: The Amazing Arden is a up and coming magician. Her most famous trick is sawing a man in half. But one night her trick goes too far and ends up in a jail. Officer Virigil Holt is bound and determined to get her story straight and regain some of his honor. He learns of Arden’s past. From her humble beginnings as a servant with her single mother. At first she befriends a boy, Ray. Slowly Ray begins manipulating and hurting her. After he hurts her, he ‘heals’ her. After some time of this, Arden fleas. But Ray seems to find her every time she tries to settle down. Then she finds Adelaide Herrman, a master magician. She takes Arden under her wing. Then Arden goes off on her own and gets an agent, Clyde. The two fall in love, but the two are very similar have a falling out. Then Ray captures her and forces Arden to do whatever he wishes. Will Arden ever be free of Ray? Will her and Clyde reunite? Is Arden guilty or innocent?

Rating: 3.8 – This was an interesting read. It was a slow and steady read, but there was enough going on to keep me going.

Opinion: I enjoyed this book. It was a good balance of historical fiction and mystery. It was an interesting read because you started at the end and went back and forth from the past to the present. The air of mystery was good and not discouraging. There is even an air of magic in the book, the magic is slight and only two of the characters have the ‘healing’ ability. The book was a slow and steady read but still very entertaining. There is also a slow and steady build towards the end of the book, leading back up to the moment the book started at. It is a good read for anyone who wants a historical fiction laced with mystery and magic.

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