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Glamoursit Series

A combination of history and magic.

The Circle Series

The Circle Series is a duel reality series that has a modern component mixed in.

All Souls Trilogy

Diana (a witch) and Matthew (a vampire) search for the Book of Life.

The Golem and the Jinni

Hava (a golem) and Ahmad (a jinni) find a way to break a curse.

The Lost Book Series

The Lost Book series are a part of the Circle series that follow a group of teenagers through their quest to find all of the lost books of histories.

The Silver Witch

Tilda taps into a ancient magical connection.


There is a land of Faire that lies hidden next to a city of Wall in England.

Immanuel”s Veins

A Russian soldier must save his true love from a vampire.

Shadowy Horses

Verity Gray searches for the Lost Roman Legion while dealing with ghosts.

The Winter Witch

Morgana must protect her new husband and town from a vengeful witch.

Night of the Living Dead Christian

A fun book that deals with classic monsters and Christianity.

The Green Rider Series

A high fantasy following Karigan and the Green Riders of Sacoridia.

Good Omens

An angel and demon must work together to stop the apocalypse.

The Witch’s Daughter

Elizabeth is a near immortal witch fleeing from her former master throughout the years.

The Gospel of Loki Series

The Norse Legends told from Loki’s perspective.

The Dream Gatherer

A short story about Estrel from the Green Rider series.

Return of the Witch

Elizabeth must save her friend from the dark Gideon.

The Paper Magician Series

Ceony learns the magic of Folding while dark magicians search for her.

The Red Queen’s Daughter

Mary Seymour works as a lady-in-waiting for Queen Elizabeth.

The Wolf Gift Chronicles

Rueben Golding learns he’s a werewolf after a vicious attack.

Time’s Convert

Vampires and witches during the American and French Revolutions.

Miss Peregrine’s Home Series

Jacob and his peculiar friends must save Peculiardome.

The Conductors

Hetty and Benji use magic to help find whomever killed their friend.

Half Sick of Shadows

A new take from a new perspective on Arthur, Merlin, and Camelot.

The Judas Chronicles

Judas Iscariot is immortal and searching for his 30 pieces of silver.

Spellbreaker Series

Elsie and Mr. Kelsey must find a magician who’s killing other magicians.

The Midnight Witch

Lilith protects her coven from an ancient enemy.

The Song of Achilles

The story of Achilles and Troy from his friend, Patroclus, perspective.


Ariadne and her sister tell the story about the aftermath for Theseus and the Minotaur.

Found Things Series

Xanthe travels through time to safe people she loves.

The Keeper of Night

Ren tries to find acceptance in the world of Reapers and Shinigami.


Agnieska fights for the survival of her family and village of a dark, magical forest.

Spinning Silver

Miryem must save her kingdom from an eternal winter.

The Hidden Palace

Ahmad and Chava learn to stay hidden in a changing world.

City of Time and Magic

Xanthe must find a way to travel back in time to save those she loves.

Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet

Marie must escape her master while trying to remember who she really is.

Lamp Black, Wolf Grey

Laura Matthews has a strange connection to a Welsh castle.

A River Enchanted

James must find the missing girls on his home island using magic.


Kaikeyi learns magic and becomes a skilled warrior in battle and court to save her family and kingd

Stardust Thief

A thief, a jinn, and a prince must learn to work together to find a priceless relic.


Piranesi learns how the lines between fantasy and reality can be blurred.

The Witch’s Knight

Gwen and Tudor must keep finding each other over the centuries.

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