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Adorned – Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Title: Adorned: Living Out the Beauty of the Gospel Together

Author: Nancy DeMoss Wulgemuth

Genre: Christian Living

Plot: This is a way we, as women, can live alongside each other. Nancy uses Titus 2 to encourage older and younger women to come together and mentor each other. Nancy talks about different ways we can share life with each other and encourage each other. She gives good advice on how to mentor and invest in other people. Titus 2 great way of looking at the world around us and how we can navigate this world with a Godly focus. Nancy talks about how to model and mentor with a God centered life, how to have a cleaner look at your own life, and how to have a God centered home. Throughout all of this there’s a theme of doing life together and how we’re not meant to live life alone.

Rating: 4.0 – a good look at living life together as Christians

Opinion: This was a good book about living life together. It’s so easy to try to live an independent life your own way. This book is a great reminder on how to live a Godly life with one another. It talks a lot about finding a mentor and/or being a mentor. It’s not talked about a lot in churches, at least not the ones I’ve attended. Bible studies, living life together, and discipleship, yes, but not about mentorships. It’s easy to put those things on the back burner because our lives get busy and complicated, but it’s important to take time out of your day, or week, for these things. I do like that the book talks a lot about deeper things and wanting the reader to talk with other trusted members of the church about these things. I liked that the book talks about what certain things don’t look like as well as what they should look like. Though the one thing I wished this book talked about was what mentorships looks like. It gives a vague look into them, but focuses more on what to talk about in mentorship relationships. Overall this book is great and I loved seeing another woman’s opinions about the gospel and living life together. This is a great book for a women’s bible study.

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