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Guest Book Review – This is the Day

Thank you That Dad Stuff for another post. For all the sports lovers out there. Here’s Tim Tebow’s biography.

“Bookworm Dad: Tim Tebow This is the Day: My kids are bookworms. They love to read. They did not get this trait from me. I hated reading when I was a kid. Fast forward 25-30 years to today, if I find something I am interested in, I will read it. I still don’t read a lot, but I do Audible. Does that count? Is that “reading” a book? Kinda? Well, I do Audible A LOT! I recently came across a book by Tim Tebow – This is the Day.

“We went to our local chain bookstore, and I let the kids go off with their mom to find some new books to read. As I was wandering in the sports section, I came across a book by Tim Tebow. I picked it up and just started skimming it. I read a few pages and was really hooked. There are several situations that Tim writes about on how he used his fame or his foundation to help those in need. There are many references to God and bible passages. That did not surprise me. If you know Tim Tebow, you know he is a very religious man. (Look up, Tebowing.)

“While reading this book, I really like how he discusses the transition from Football hopes and dreams to his Baseball hopes and dreams and how sometimes you need to trust your gut. There are several personal stories with biblical principles throughout the book. Several situations that Tim found himself in made me think to myself, was it his gut telling him to do something, or was it God telling him to do something? I felt this way through most of the book. One thing is for sure if you’re a believer like me… you know what, check that… you know who was pushing him to do something.”

Here is a link for the post original post: This is the Day

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