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The Divergent Trilogy – Veronica Roth

Title: Divergent (book 1), Insurgent (book 2), Allegiant (book 3)

Author: Veronica Roth

Genre: Dystopian Future, Young Adult

Plot: Divergent (book 1) – Beatrice (Tris) Prior lives in a world divided by factions. Everyone takes a test that determines where you live based on your choices on the test. Test options are limited to Candor (who value honesty), Abnegation (who value selflessness), Dauntless (who value bravery), Amity (who value peacefulness), and Erudite (who value knowledge). Those who fail the test or their initiation are cast into the factionless are homeless and do the jobs no one else wants. If you get more than one faction on the test, you are Divergent. If you’re discovered as Divergent, you disappear. Tris discovers she is after taking the test. Her test proctor doesn’t rat her out and lets her pick at her choosing ceremony. Tris choses Dauntless. But can she remain hidden with Dauntless? Or will she be discovered?

Insurgent (book 2) – War has broken out among the factions. Those in Erudite want total control for themselves. Those closest to her are deciding who to fight with. Dauntless are asked to be soldiers. Everyone is unsure of what to do. Then she is pulled into the resistance with the factionless. She starts learn more about what’s going on behind the scenes. Tris is asked to help infiltrate the government and take down the Erudite leader. When things go sideways, Tris and her friends must find a way to leave the city. But nothing is supposed to be outside the city. What will they find? How will they survive?

Allegiant (book 3) – Tris and her friends find sanctuary somewhere in the wasteland beyond their city. They learn of a broader world than they ever thought possible. Tris learns her city was set up as experiment of sorts and her mother was a part of it. This sends Tris reeling. Then they learn the city they grew up in isn’t going to make it. What will Tris do? Will she help destroy her home? Will she stay with this new place? Or can she find a way to save everyone?

Rating: 3.0 – a good idea, but wasn’t as enjoyable as others like it

Opinion: Yes, I know I’m late to the game with this trilogy, but I thought I’d share my thoughts. This trilogy started out well. I liked the ideas behind the way things were set up. Then things started getting weird for me in the second book. After that the books changed directions completely. I didn’t like the changes. The books had a good thing going for them. I can see some of the reasons why but not enough to really enjoy where the trilogy went. I was confused on the direction the books went. It was too much for a change in direction. It almost felt like the author ran out of ideas for that first idea and tried to add in a different idea, but didn’t quiet make it work. I finished the trilogy cause I thought it might be redeemed. The ideas also kept me interested. Another thing I didn’t love about the books was the on again off again relationship Tris has with Four. It got really annoying quick. That and love triangles is why I’ve taken a long break from young adult books. Overall this isn’t a bad trilogy, I just think it could’ve been done better, or a little differently.

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