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Upgrade – Blake Crouch

Title: Upgrade

Author: Blake Crouch

Genre: Science Fiction

Plot: Logan Ramsay is a member of the GPA, Gene Protection Agency. His job is to track down and arrest genetic scientists who are creating any sort of genetic alteration. After a genetically altered locus created a genetic problem with the world’s food, every scientist is now under suspicion. When a scientist gives the location to a drop point, Logan and his partner Nadine go to investigate. Then an ice bomb goes off, Logan is caught in the blast. At first, everything seems normal. After a few weeks, every for Logan starts to change. Memories come back clearer, chess against his champion daughter is easy, and he’s stronger and faster. Now he’s on the run. The government wants to know who’s behind his ‘upgrades.’ Logan wants to know how to stop the person responsible so they won’t be able to do it again. Who will win?

Rating: 4.0 – an interesting take on humanity

Opinion: This was an interesting book. I picked it from a monthly book subscription I’m a part of. This book looked the most interesting. I was pleasantly surprised on how good this book was. It’s a different take on what it means to be human and what makes us human. I liked the idea that the author posed at the end of the book. He talked about kindness versus intelligence versus apathy. It made sense in the world we live in today. It was more thought provoking than I expected. I do agree with what the author said at the end. There are some technical parts but are explained immediately and easily. I enjoyed seeing both sides of the argument presented in a more logical manner. This is a great book for anyone looking for something different to read. I recommend this book for anyone who likes science fiction and a more thought provoking ideas.

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