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Artemis 1-2 – Lindsey Stirling

The rest of the series is available now: Issue 3, and Issues 4-6 Title: Artemis: Issues 1 & 2 Author: Linsdey Stirling Artists: Jason Badower, Wataboku, Rodrigo Luff, Danimation, Anna Marie Navaja, Andworld Design Genre: Fantasy, Comic Book Plot: Issue 1 – Citizen SE21 is an excellent roof rat (like a repairman) living in theContinue reading “Artemis 1-2 – Lindsey Stirling”

The Only Pirate at the Party – Lindsey Stirling

Title: The Only Pirate at the Party Author: Lindsey Stirling and Brooke S. Passey Genre: Autobiography Plot: Lindsey Stirling is a well known violinist and dancer. She got her fame from America’s Got Talent and Youtube. In her book, Lindsey talked about her childhood and her rise to fame. She was originally from Arizona. SheContinue reading “The Only Pirate at the Party – Lindsey Stirling”