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BoneMan’s Daughter – Ted Dekker

Title: BoneMan’s Daughter

Author: Ted Dekker

Genre: Thriller

Plot: Ryan Evans has recently returned from a tour in Iran. He’s a Navy intelligence officer who’s on leave because he’s escaped capture from an Iranian militant. After his experience, he’s bound and determined to make amends with his estranged wife, Celia, and sixteen year old daughter, Bethany. But his wife and daughter want nothing to do with him. Ryan takes it especially hard when Celia files for divorce and gives him a restraining device. Ryan starts to come to peace with things when everything changes. A serial killer known as BoneMan strikes after two years. BoneMan’s target is Ryan’s daughter. Ryan is distraught when BoneMan leaves a message on his phone. Then the FBI show up and lock him up. They think Ryan is BoneMan. Ryan tries to explain himself to no avail. He manages to escape and meet BoneMan. If Ryan does everything BoneMan asks, he’ll let Ryan’s daughter go. But it’s hard when BoneMan’s messages are cryptic and the FBI is on your tail. Ryan has seven days to complete the tasks BoneMan asked. Will Ryan be able to do it? Can he finish the tasks and get his daughter back? Or will the FBI catch him first? Is Ryan really BoneMan? Or are the FBI chasing the wrong man?

Rating: 3.0 – lots of background for a creepy thriller

Opinion: Out of all of Ted Dekker’s books, this is one of my least favorite. It took a long time for the story to get started. I understand the story needed some background, but even that felt like it was dragging. There was lots of background and details, which was interesting. The story switches back and forth between characters and gives multiple sides and perspectives to the story. It shows a father’s desperation, to the mind of a creepy serial killer, to the FBI agents trying to find both Ryan and BoneMan. I felt for Ryan and his desperation. I was repulsed by BoneMan. I cheered for the one FBI agent who was on the right track. Bethany was annoying sixteen year old at first, she grew on me. Ryan was a little annoying at first, but his reasoning was a little more understandable. The ending felt a little rushed to me, as well as a little unrealistic. After all the hurt they went through, they seemed to just get over it and connect. I’m sure that it does happen, but it felt a little forced. It started picking up speed, then ended. It kind of annoyed me. While it was entertaining, I didn’t love it. I expected a little more from Ted Dekker. It might be better from a different perspective. It wasn’t my favorite, but it was an interesting read. If you’re looking for a detailed thriller, then I’d recommend this book.

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