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Mr. B – Lynn Byk

Thank you Capture Me Books for letting me read this book.

Title: Mr. B: Living with a 98-Year-Old Rocket Scientist

Author: Lynn Byk

Genre: Memoir

Plot: Lynn tells the story of having to sell hers and her husband’s house and move into her husband’s father’s house, Joe Byk. Joe was a rocket scientist starting in the 1940’s. By the time Lynn and her husband are nearly bankrupt from fighting the city because of ‘zoning issues.’ Her father-in-law is also 98 years old. Lynn keeps a journal about the first year her and her husband lived with Joe. She writes down all of the science facts and story she learns from Joe and his story growing up. Joe was the son of Polish immigrants and grew up poor. He learned quickly and became a rocket and airplane engineer. Over the year Joe teaches Lynn about life through his stories. She also learns about forgiveness and letting go of things. She teaches Joe how to accept changes. Lynn was always encouraging Joe and engaging him in the changes she’d like to make. She lets Joe help and make his own changes in his own time, too. Lynn and Joe learn and help each other so much.

Rating: 4.0 – a good story about healing

Opinion: This is a great memoir about life and forgiveness. I also enjoyed learning about Joe’s science and history. Though some of the science went over my head. I enjoyed Joe’s story of overcoming and becoming a very important rocket and airplane scientist. He helped build planes for the US Air Force during WW2 and a rocket engineer during the Space Race after growing up poor. I also loved Lynn’s story of overcoming the pain of almost going bankrupt and wanting so bad to fight back, but having to let go. This is a beautiful story of overcoming great odds. It took time, but Lynn and Joe learned to live and enjoy each other’s company and help each other with so much. This is a great memoir about learning to forgive, history, and science. I recommend this book for anyone who enjoys learning about history and science and memoirs.

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