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The Visitation – Frank Peretti

Title: The Visitation Author: Frank Peretti Genre: Thriller Plot: Travis Jordan is a burnt out pastor in the small town of Antioch, Washington. But his town is about to have some strange things happen. The cross with Jesus hanging from it at the Catholic church begins to weep. One of the caretakers goes to cleanContinue reading “The Visitation – Frank Peretti”

Illusion – Frank Peretti

Title: Illusion Author: Frank Peretti Genre: Science Fiction Plot: Danny and Mandy have been a magician duo for almost 40 years. That all changes when Mandy dies in a car crash. While Dan mourns, something has happened to Mandy. She wakes up in the hospital, as her 19 year old self. She is transferred toContinue reading “Illusion – Frank Peretti”

Monster – Frank Peretti

Book Title: Monster Author: Frank Peretti Genre: Thriller Summary: Reed and Rebecca, her friends call her Beck, Shelton are meeting some friends to go camping in the northern Idaho woods. Reed and Beck get to the campsite ahead of their friends. But someone, or something, has ransacked the cabin they were supposed to stay in.Continue reading “Monster – Frank Peretti”