The Judas Chronicles – Aiden James

Titles: Book 1 – Immortal Plague Author: Aiden James Genre: Fantasy Plot: 1 – Judas Iscariot, the man who betrayed Jesus from the bible, is alive and well after hanging himself. He’s been cursed to live forever until he retrieves all 30 pieces of silver he received in payment for his betrayal. There’s rumors ofContinue reading “The Judas Chronicles – Aiden James”

Immanuel’s Veins – Ted Dekker

Title: Immanuel’s Veins Author: Ted Dekker Genre: Fantasy, Thriller Plot: Toma Nicolescu is a highly regarded soldier in the Russian Army. He is tasked with protecting two sisters, Lucine and Natasha Cantemir, and escort them back to Russia. They are staying with Vlad van Valerik. Both Toma and Vlad are taken by Lucine’s beauty. BothContinue reading “Immanuel’s Veins – Ted Dekker”

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