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Toward the Sunrise – Elizabeth Camden

This is a Towards the Dawn prequel.

Title: Toward the Sunrise

Author: Elizabeth Camden

Genre: Historical Fiction, Short Story

Plot: Julia Broeder has just been expelled from one of the first medical schools for women. In a moment of impulse, she’d agreed to help stitch up a dog then ‘stole’ it to keep it from the fighting ring. Julia dejectedly returns home, hoping for help. At first she finds none, Julia tries to think of something else that can help her fulfill her dreams of traveling. Her family’s landlord’s attorney, Ashton Carlyle, has been the one helping send money her way for tuition. After some convincing from Julia and the landlord, Ashton agrees to help Julia. But is that what Julia truly wants? Or will she change her mind?

Rating: 3.8 – a fun short, sappy, historical fiction story

Opinion: This was a nice break from the full length books I’ve been reading. It was a nice little prologue, in a way, to another of Elizabeth Camden’s books, Towards the Sunrise. It was good little sappy, historical fiction short story. Though I missed the mystery of Elizabeth Camden’s other books. It was shorter than I was expecting. I didn’t expect an excerpt from the other book at the end. While the ending was fine and wrapped everything up nicely, I wanted to know more about the characters. I wanted to know about their other adventures they went on after the short story ended. It’s a great little story that still reels you in, despite its short length. It’s great for anyone who needs a break from full length novels and loves sappy, historical fiction.

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