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Summer of Dreams – Elizabeth Camden

Is book is a short story connected with From This Moment Title: Summer of Dreams Author: Elizabeth Camden Genre: Historical Fiction, Short Story Plot: Evelyn White wants to prove to her general father that she’s capable of going to college to study engineering. She’s building a water pump for her greenhouse but doesn’t know howContinue reading “Summer of Dreams – Elizabeth Camden”

Becoming the Dark Prince – Kerri Maniscalco

This is a novella between books 3 and 4 in the Stalking Jack the Ripper series. Title: Becoming the Dark Prince Author: Kerri Maniscalco Genre: Historical Fiction, Young Adult, Short Story Plot: Thomas Cresswell is distraught. His girlfriend, Audrey Rose Wadsworth, has been attacked and stabbed in the leg. The knife almost hit her femoralContinue reading “Becoming the Dark Prince – Kerri Maniscalco”

Toward the Sunrise – Elizabeth Camden

This is a Towards the Dawn prequel. Title: Toward the Sunrise Author: Elizabeth Camden Genre: Historical Fiction, Short Story Plot: Julia Broeder has just been expelled from one of the first medical schools for women. In a moment of impulse, she’d agreed to help stitch up a dog then ‘stole’ it to keep it fromContinue reading “Toward the Sunrise – Elizabeth Camden”

The Dream Gatherer – Kristin Britain

Part of the Green Rider Series Title: The Dream Gatherer Author: Kristin Britain Genre: Fantasy, Short Stories Plot: Estral tells two short stories about famous people in Sacoridia’s history. Then the story shifts to follow Estral. She’s journeying back to Selium (a city and a school in Sacoridia). She goes ahead of the group whileContinue reading “The Dream Gatherer – Kristin Britain”

The Learner’s Plight – Muhammad Hamza Shah

Thank you Muhammad Hamza Shah for allowing me to read his book. This is his debut novella. If you’d like to this book, or any other of his books, go to his site here. Title: The Learner’s Plight Author: Muhammad Hamza Shah Genre: Realistic Fiction, Coming of Age Plot: Gavin Hawthorne is a new student.Continue reading “The Learner’s Plight – Muhammad Hamza Shah”

A Week at Surfside Beach – Pierce Koslosky Jr.

Thanks to Mindbuck Media for letting me have an early access look at this book. This book is available to read on June 9. Title: A Week at Surfside Beach Author: Pierce Koslosky Jr. Genre: Short stories, realistic fiction Plot: Each chapter of the book is a different family’s, or families, week at a groupContinue reading “A Week at Surfside Beach – Pierce Koslosky Jr.”