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The Cartographers – Peng Sheperd

Title: The Cartographers Author: Peng Sheperd Genre: Mystery, Realistic Fiction Plot: Dr. Nell Young has been working at an antique map creation shop since her father fired her from the New York Public Library and ruined her career over a disagreement of a “junk map.” Then Nell gets news that her father died. The initialContinue reading “The Cartographers – Peng Sheperd”

Against the Tide – Elizabeth Camden

Title: Against the Tide Author: Elizabeth Camden Genre: Historical Fiction Plot: Lydia Pallas is a translator with the U.S. Navy in Boston. She’s content with her life of calm and certainty after a chaotic childhood. Her parents passed when she was young, then she grew up in an orphanage. Not long after she’s settled intoContinue reading “Against the Tide – Elizabeth Camden”

Beyond All Dreams – Elizabeth Camden

Title: Beyond All Dreams Author: Elizabeth Camden Genre: Historical Fiction Plot: Anna O’Brian is a librarian with the Library of Congress who specializes in maps. One day, she learns of a ship that’s disappeared at sea. Her curiosity gets the better of her and she searches for answers. In Anna’s search for answers, she meetsContinue reading “Beyond All Dreams – Elizabeth Camden”